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General FAQ's

How do I enrol in the coaching program?

All enrolments and payments are made via the Online Class Registration (OCR) system which can be accessed from the coaching website. Existing customers can re-enrol into the same lesson prior to the start of each Semester. New customers can send an enquiry through the website to express their interest in a coaching class, or can directly enrol through the OCR system. If you are not sure what coaching class is most suitable please contact me directly.

What happens if I miss a lesson?

If you miss a lesson for any reason (including wet weather or excessive heat) I will do my best to organise an extra lesson during the term or on the school holidays. Most players who miss a lesson are able to do another lesson on another day at the same time. Unfortunately I cannot credit lessons from one term to the next, or discount future lessons for missed lessons during a term.

What kind of competition can I play in?

All players in the coaching program are encouraged to participate in club competition as a way of improving their tennis. From our Sunday morning matchplay program for juniors to our Grade 1 pennant teams or night tennis teams, we provide a variety of club competitions for players of every level.

Do I need to be a club member to participate in coaching?

While club membership is inexpensive and a great way to practise tennis and play in our club competitions, there is no requirement to be a club member to participate in the coaching program.

How do I know what is the most suitable class?

If you are unsure as to what coaching class you might best fit into, we provide a free trial assessment prior. This is designed to make sure that you will be matched with players of an equivalent standard (and age if applicable).To organise a free trial please contact Head Coach Shane Scrutton on 0414 373 586.

What if I am a complete beginner?

Tennis is the kind of sport that you really need to practise at your level to develop your skills and CONFIDENCE. If you're a beginner player, it's crucial to develop your tennis level through basic, incremental progressions.

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