Frequently asked questions

Junior Program FAQ's

When should my child start learning how to play tennis?

While there's no right answer to this question, it's important to listen to what your child wants. If they express an interest in playing and learning (regardless of their age) then I see absolutely no reason why they shouldn't at least try it out.

When should my child start playing competition?

This really depends a range of factors. Obviously the child needs to be at a certain standard to play competition otherwise it won't end up being much fun. Equally though, is that if a child is at a certain standard and doesn't play competitively, they may lose the motivation for the sport. Once a child can rally adequately from the baseline, understand the basics of playing singles and doubles, be able to get a majority of their serves in, and have some ability to process the idea of winning and losing, then they are ready to test themselves in a competitive environment. This usually occurs between the ages of 8-10, but it is up to a coach to identify what students are at that level, and which ones could really benefit from it.

How often should my child play tennis?

Ask 10 different coaches and you will get 10 different answers. But for each child the answer is different. And many parents are juggling tennis. soccer, basketball, piano etc. etc. which makes scheduling multiple sessions a week extremely difficult. My take on it is this - at least twice a week you will see definite, incremental improvement far quicker than just once a week, which then tends to make the sport more enjoyable and satisfying. There is absolutely no need for any child under the age of 12 to be playing 10 hours of tennis a week - just look at the number of over-use injuries at state-level junior tournaments as evidence of this. And besides, one hour of intense, dedicated practise is far better than 3 hours of haphazard hitting.

How do I know my child will be placed in the right group?

Every new player to the program will be assessed prior to starting to make sure that they are placed in the right group according to their age and standard. If a player needs to be changed to a different group for whatever reason I will discuss this with you first.

Adult Program FAQ's

What standard do I have to be to start learning tennis?

How do I know I will be put with players of a similar standard?

Many adults are understandably a bit nervous about getting back on the court if they haven't played tennis in a long time, or if they haven't had much experience to start with (and don't want to get matched up against much stronger players). Our Adult coaching programs are available for all players of any level and we ensure that players will be in the right program by finding out about their prior tennis experience, level of competition (if any), and a quick on-court assessment.

Should I start with a private lesson or a group one?

Many players really enjoy the social part of tennis that comes with playing in a group lesson, as well as the opportunity to play with and against players of different game styles. Plus you can put yourself in a position where you can play competitive singles and doubles within a lesson. Private lessons on the other hand are for players looking to perfect their technique and play in a high-intensity one-on-one environment.

General FAQ's

Do I need to be a club member to participate in club coaching?

No. While the objective of my coaching program is to get as many players into playing competition (and joining the club) there is no requirement to be a club member. But if coaching participants enjoy the sport and feel like they are improving, then in many cases the natural progression is then into getting involved in club competition, which Eaglemont runs for players of all ages and standards.

How do I enrol in the coaching program?

All enrolments and payments are made via the Online Class Registration (OCR) system which can be accessed from the coaching website. Existing customers can re-enrol into the same lesson prior to the start of each term. New customers can send an enquiry through the website to express their interest in a coaching class, or can directly enrol through the OCR system. If you are not sure what coaching class is most suitable please contact me directly.

What happens if I miss a lesson?

If you miss a lesson for any reason (including wet weather or some kind of snap lockdown) I will do my best to organise an extra lesson during the term or on the school holidays. Most players who miss a lesson are able to do another lesson on another day at the same time. Unfortunately I cannot credit lessons from one term to the next, or discount future lessons for missed lessons during a term.

Can I get a free trial?

If you are unsure as to what coaching class you might best fit into, we provide a free trial assessment prior. This is designed to make sure that you will be matched with players of an equivalent standard (and age if applicable).To organise a free trial please contact Head Coach Shane Scrutton on 0414 373 586.