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  • 2015 TCAV Club Coach of the Year

  • 2012 Tennis Victoria Coaching winner

  • undefeated in Australian mens 45+ team at Miami ITF world championships (October 2019)

Coaching is knowing what to say at the right time- not saying too little, and definitely not saying too much. It's about looking at a player and knowing where they are, but also where they want to get to.


Making subtle adjustments in technique, footwork and attitude that make a dramatic difference.


So if you're thinking of starting, or would like to play at one of the best-kept secret places to play tennis in Melbourne (that's Eaglemont Tennis Club) then let me know.


I'll give you 100% independent advice from 30 years as a coach and someone who's played tennis all over the world.


After all, it's the best sport to play - whether you're 3, or 83.

Shane Scrutton

 When it comes to technique, don't overdo it. The best tennis players have technique that's simple, effective and DOESN'T FALL APART UNDER PRESSURE.


So aim for the same.


Tennis coaching doesn't have to be terribly complicated or filled with jargon either - in most cases I end up removing or subtracting something from a player's swing, not adding to it.


Group Lessons

$300 per 10 week term 

Enrolments Now Open For Term 3 - our Hot Shots program is an ideal way to start your child in tennis. 

Squad Lessons

$450 per 10 week term

Squad lessons are intense, competitive and combine technical improvement with drills that challenge every player.

Womens TennisFit

$400 per 10 week term 

Women Tennis Fit runs every Wednesday and Friday morning

Private lessons

$50.00 per half hour

Private lessons are guaranteed to improve your game.

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